Top 3 Hidden Halwa Shops in Triplicane, Chennai

Nestled amidst the historic lanes of Triplicane in Chennai lies a treasure trove of sweetness waiting to be discovered. Beyond the bustling streets and iconic landmarks, Triplicane hides within its vibrant fabric three halwa shops that have stood the test of time, offering a delectable journey into the world of traditional sweets. Join us on this exploration of the top 3 hidden halwa shops in triplicane, each with its unique charm, signature treats, and a legacy that has been quietly enchanting locals and visitors alike for generations.

Top 3 Hidden Halwa Shops in Triplicane, Chennai

3. M.M. Mithaiwala

Tucked away in a corner, M.M. Mithaiwala has been a Triplicane favorite for decades. The Tirunelveli Halwa, renowned for its silky texture, and the Badam Halwa, bursting with nutty flavors, are a testament to the shop’s commitment to traditional recipes. Visit in the early morning to witness the preparation of their signature halwa batches.

Step into M.M. Mithaiwala, a quaint corner shop resonating with the fragrances of rich, traditional halwas. The Tirunelveli Halwa, a silky masterpiece, is a must-try, transporting taste buds to the southern heartland. For those with a penchant for nutty indulgence, the Badam Halwa offers a symphony of flavors. The shop opens its doors at 9:00 AM, making it an ideal destination for those seeking the freshest batches of these time-honored treats. With starting prices at an affordable INR 200, M.M. Mithaiwala ensures a delightful experience without breaking the bank.

Additional Information:

  • Must-Try Options: Indulge in the iconic Tirunelveli Halwa and the rich Badam Halwa.
  • Shop Timings: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Best Time to Visit: Early mornings for a fresh batch of halwa.
  • Starting Price: INR 200
  • Average Price for Two: INR 500
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2. Sri Krishna Sweets

While Sri Krishna Sweets is a well-known brand, its Triplicane outlet remains a hidden treasure. The Wheat Halwa, made with pure ghee, and the fragrant Karachi Halwa showcase the shop’s dedication to quality. The lively evenings in Triplicane add to the joy of relishing these sweet delights.

Sri Krishna Sweets, a household name, surprises with its lesser-known outlet in Triplicane. Delight in the purity of ghee with the Wheat Halwa, a soft, melt-in-the-mouth confection. The Karachi Halwa, with its aromatic allure, stands as a testament to the shop’s commitment to quality. Open until 10:00 PM, Sri Krishna Sweets in Triplicane comes alive in the evenings, offering a bustling atmosphere to complement the sweet indulgence. With starting prices at INR 250, it remains an accessible haven for those seeking traditional yet innovative halwa flavors.

Additional Information:

  • Must-Try Options: Savor the delectable Wheat Halwa and the aromatic Karachi Halwa.
  • Shop Timings: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Best Time to Visit: Evenings for a bustling, lively atmosphere.
  • Starting Price: INR 250
  • Average Price for Two: INR 600
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1. Bharat Sweets

Bharat Sweets, a quaint corner shop, is a hidden gem adored by locals. The Kesar Halwa, with its saffron-infused richness, and the delightful Pineapple Halwa showcase the shop’s innovative spirit. Afternoons offer a serene ambiance, perfect for savoring these unique halwa flavors.

Journey to Bharat Sweets, a hidden gem exuding local charm. Indulge in the unique Kesar Halwa, where saffron-infused richness takes center stage. For a burst of tropical delight, the Pineapple Halwa offers a refreshing twist to the traditional treat. Opening its doors at 8:00 AM, Bharat Sweets invites you to start your day with a peaceful halwa indulgence. With starting prices at INR 180, it stands as an affordable retreat for those seeking authentic flavors in a serene setting.

Additional Information:

  • Must-Try Options: Treat yourself to the special Kesar Halwa and the mouthwatering Pineapple Halwa.
  • Shop Timings: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Best Time to Visit: Afternoons for a peaceful halwa indulgence.
  • Starting Price: INR 180
  • Average Price for Two: INR 450
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Exploring Triplicane’s hidden halwa shops is a journey into the rich culinary heritage of Chennai. M.M. Mithaiwala, Sri Krishna Sweets, and Bharat Sweets each contribute a distinctive flavor to the tapestry of sweets in this vibrant neighborhood. From traditional favorites to innovative creations, these hidden halwa shops offer a sweet escape for those searching for authentic, soul-satisfying treats. Additionally, consider delving deeper into Our Chennai through further exploration. Head to Triplicane, and let the sweet indulgence begin!

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