7 Best Coffee Shops In Egmore, Chennai For Coffee Addicts

Egmore, a vibrant neighborhood in Chennai, is not only known for its historical significance but also for its thriving coffee culture. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just someone who appreciates a good cup of joe, you’ll find Egmore to be a haven for coffee lovers. In this bustling part of town, you’ll discover a diverse range of coffee shops, each with its unique charm and delightful brews. Let’s take a journey through the 7 best coffee shops in Egmore that every coffee addict must explore.

7 Best Coffee Shops In Egmore

7. Brewed Bliss: Where Coffee Meets Serenity

Nestled in the heart of Egmore, Brewed Bliss offers a serene escape from the urban hustle. The atmosphere is calming, with cozy nooks and an outdoor seating area surrounded by greenery. Their ‘Caramel Macchiato’ is a must-try. The smooth espresso combined with velvety milk and a caramel drizzle creates a harmonious blend of flavors. It’s perfect for a serene coffee date.

Additional Information:

  • Best Time to Visit: Mornings at Brewed Bliss offers a tranquil ambiance, perfect for a peaceful coffee experience.
  • Prices: ₹120 to ₹180

6. Filter & Froth: A South Indian Coffee Haven

For those seeking an authentic South Indian coffee experience, Filter & Froth is the place to be. With a focus on traditional filter coffee, this quaint coffee shop serves rich and aromatic brews. The ‘Filter Coffee’ is a true gem – it’s strong, earthy, and served with frothy milk in a classic steel tumbler.

Additional Information:

  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime during the day is suitable for a dose of South Indian coffee goodness at Filter & Froth.
  • Prices: ₹50 to ₹90

5. Coffee Canvas: Where Art Meets Espresso

Coffee Canvas is an artsy and cozy coffee shop that combines the love of coffee and art. The walls are adorned with local artwork, creating a delightful ambiance. While their espresso-based brews are exceptional, the ‘Hazelnut Latte’ is a standout. The nutty undertones of hazelnut syrup paired with the rich espresso make it a flavorful coffee experience.

Additional Information:

  • Best Time to Visit: Coffee Canvas is ideal for an afternoon coffee break when you can appreciate the artistic surroundings.
  • Prices: ₹120 to ₹180

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4. Brew Lab Coffee Co.: Experimentation in Every Cup

Brew Lab Coffee Co. is a place for the adventurous coffee drinker. This hip coffee shop features an array of brewing methods, from pour-overs to siphon brewing. For a unique coffee experience, don’t miss the ‘Chemex Brew.’ This method highlights the distinct flavors of single-origin coffee beans, offering a coffee experience like no other.

Additional Information:

  • Best Time to Visit: Mornings or early afternoons are great for coffee exploration at Brew Lab Coffee Co.
  • Prices: ₹180 to ₹250

3. The Grind Café: Coffee with a Twist

The Grind Café is known for its innovative coffee concoctions. Their ‘Tiramisu Latte’ is a delightful fusion of classic tiramisu flavors and espresso. It’s a dessert in a cup, making it a sweet escape for coffee lovers.

Additional Information:

  • Best Time to Visit: Late evenings at The Grind Café provide a cozy atmosphere, perfect for savoring dessert-inspired coffee.
  • Prices: ₹150 to ₹220

2. Café Macchiato: A Perfect Espresso Retreat

For espresso lovers, Café Macchiato is a retreat of unparalleled quality. The ‘Espresso Shot’ here is a testament to the café’s commitment to the art of coffee. It’s a bold and intense shot of espresso that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee addicts.

Additional Information:

  • Best Time to Visit: Any time during the day is suitable for an authentic espresso experience at Café Macchiato.
  • Prices: ₹70 to ₹100

1. Barista: A Classic Coffee Destination

“Indulge in classic comforts at Barista – where every sip is a journey back in time.”

Barista, a classic name in the world of coffee, is also found in Egmore. The ‘Café Mocha’ at Barista is a classic that combines espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate, creating a coffee delight that’s sweet and comforting.

Additional Information:

  • Best Time to Visit: Anytime is a good time to visit Barista for a taste of their classic coffee creations.
  • Prices: ₹120 to ₹180


Egmore is a coffee lover’s paradise, and these coffee shops offer a diverse range of experiences. Whether you’re in the mood for a serene coffee date, a traditional South Indian brew, or an artistic coffee adventure, there’s a café in Egmore to cater to your every coffee desire. Explore these coffee havens and embark on a journey through the delightful world of coffee in Egmore, Chennai. Additionally, consider delving deeper into Our Chennai through further exploration.

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