5 Heavenly Ice Cream Shops In Mogappair, Chennai

Mogappair, a bustling neighborhood in Chennai, is not just known for its vibrant culture but also for its culinary delights. Among the many scrumptious offerings in the area, the ice cream shops in Mogappair hold a special place in the hearts of dessert lovers. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, you’re in for a treat. In this blog, we’ll take you on a delectable journey through the top five ice cream shops in Mogappair, Chennai. Each of these parlors offers a unique and delightful experience that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Come! Explore The top 5 Heavenly Ice Cream Shops in Mogappair, Chennai

5. Scoop & Swirl – The Sundae Haven

– Location: Mogappair West, Chennai.

– Shop Timings: 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Open all days).

– Must-Try:Sundae Bliss” – A delightful combination of hot fudge, nuts, and creamy vanilla ice cream.

– Best Time to Visit: Evenings, especially during the golden hour.

– Starting Price: ₹80

– Average Price: ₹100 – ₹150

– Ambiance & Experience at Scoop & Swirl

Scoop & Swirl is a dessert paradise, and their “Sundae Bliss” is a must-try masterpiece. This heavenly creation features a scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream drizzled with warm, gooey hot fudge. It’s then generously sprinkled with crunchy nuts and crowned with a dollop of airy whipped cream. The texture and flavors in each spoonful are sheer perfection, making it a treat for your taste buds.

The ambience at Scoop & Swirl is cozy and family-friendly. It’s an ideal spot for an after-dinner treat or a weekend indulgence. The warm, golden hour lighting in the evenings adds an extra touch of magic to your visit.

4. Frozen Fantasia – A Dreamy Delight

– Location: Mogappair East, Chennai.

– Shop Timings: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Open all days).

– Must-Try:Mango Mania” – A delicious mango-flavored ice cream topped with fresh mango chunks.

– Best Time to Visit: Early afternoons when you’re in need of a refreshing dessert.

– Starting Price: ₹60

– Average Price: ₹80 – ₹120

– Ambiance & Experience at Frozen Fantasia

Frozen Fantasia is aptly named, offering a range of dreamy ice cream creations. If you’re a fan of mango, don’t miss out on their “Mango Mania.” This delightful ice cream features the rich, tropical flavor of ripe mangoes, and it’s generously adorned with fresh mango chunks. It’s like a tropical getaway in a cone, perfect for cooling down on a hot Chennai day.

The ambiance at Frozen Fantasia is colorful and lively, creating a delightful backdrop for your ice cream adventures. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or looking for a family-friendly place, this is an excellent choice.

3. Frosty Delights – Gelato Extravaganza

– Location: Mogappair, Chennai.

– Shop Timings: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Open all days).

– Must-Try: “Hazelnut Gelato” – A smooth and creamy gelato with the rich, nutty flavor of hazelnuts.

– Best Time to Visit: Late mornings when you’re in need of a sweet pick-me-up.

– Starting Price: ₹70

– Average Price: ₹90 – ₹130

– Ambiance & Experience at Frosty Delights

Frosty Delights is a gelato lover’s dream come true. Their “Hazelnut Gelato” is a rich and creamy delight that captures the essence of hazelnuts. If you’re a fan of the nutty flavor, you’ll appreciate the authenticity and smoothness of this gelato. It’s like a taste of Italy right in the heart of Mogappair.

The ambiance at Frosty Delights is cozy and modern, making it an excellent place to enjoy a gelato experience. Whether you’re a gelato aficionado or a newbie to this frozen delight, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings.

2. Chillin’ Cones – Fun Meets Flavor

– Location: Mogappair West, Chennai.

– Shop Timings: 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Open all days).

– Must-Try: “Choco-Berry Blast” – A delightful combination of chocolate ice cream and fresh berry compote.

– Best Time to Visit: Late afternoons, perfect for a post-lunch treat.

– Starting Price: ₹50

– Average Price: ₹70 – ₹100

– Ambiance & Experience at Chillin’ Cones

Chillin’ Cones is where fun meets flavor, and their “Choco-Berry Blast” is a testament to that. This delightful creation brings together the richness of chocolate ice cream and the vibrant sweetness of a fresh berry compote. It’s a winning combination that offers the best of both worlds. Each bite is a delightful blend of creamy, chocolaty, and fruity goodness.

The ambiance at Chillin’ Cones is lively and inviting, making it an ideal spot for a quick dessert fix. The bright and cheerful decor adds to the overall experience, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

1. Gelato Grove – A Taste of Italy

– Location: Mogappair East, Chennai.

– Shop Timings: 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Open all days).

– Must-Try: “Stracciatella Gelato” – A classic Italian gelato with chocolate chips.

– Best Time to Visit: Evenings when you’re in the mood for a sophisticated dessert.

– Starting Price: ₹80

– Average Price: ₹100 – ₹140

– Ambiance & Experience at Gelato Grove

Gelato Grove brings a taste of Italy to Chennai, and their “Stracciatella Gelato” is a classic Italian delight. This gelato is smooth, creamy, and studded with generous chocolate chips. It’s a simple yet heavenly creation that captures the essence of Italian gelato, making it a delightful choice for those who appreciate the classics.

The ambiance at Gelato Grove is elegant and refined, making it an excellent choice for a romantic date night or a sophisticated dessert experience. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a taste of Italy in Chennai, Gelato Grove has you covered.

Why Ice Cream Excites Chennai People

Chennai, known for its sweltering heat and tropical climate, has a deep love for ice cream. It’s not just a dessert; it’s a way of life. The creamy, cold, and delightful treat is a welcome relief from the year-round warm weather. The city’s love for ice cream can be seen in its numerous parlors, ranging from traditional kulfi shops to trendy gelato stores. Chennai people cherish their ice cream, and
here’s why:

  • Beating the Heat – Chennai’s climate is notorious for its hot and humid days. During the scorching summer months, an ice cream cone or a scoop of gelato is like a breath of fresh air.
  • A Sweet Tradition – Ice cream has become a cherished tradition in Chennai. Families, friends, and couples often gather at their favorite ice cream shops to enjoy a sweet and refreshing break.
  • Diverse Flavors – Chennai people love their variety. From the ever-popular mango and chocolate to innovative flavors like paan, jackfruit, and rose milk, there’s always something new to try.

Best Time to Have Ice Cream in Chennai

While ice cream is a year-round delight in Chennai, there are certain times when it’s extra special. Here are the best times to savor your favorite frozen treat in the city:

  • Summer Evenings
  • After a Spicy Meal
  • During Festivals
  • Post-Beach Treat

So, the next time you find yourself in Chennai, make sure to indulge in some ice cream to truly understand why it’s such a beloved dessert in this city. Whether you’re enjoying it to beat the heat or celebrating a special occasion, ice cream is an integral part of Chennai’s culinary culture.


In Mogappair, these ice cream shops offer a delightful escape from the ordinary. Each one brings its unique twist to the world of frozen desserts, ensuring that you experience the perfect blend of flavors and textures. Whether you’re a local resident looking for your next sweet escape or a visitor exploring the lively neighborhood of Mogappair, make sure to pay a visit to these ice cream shops. Your taste buds will thank you for the delightful journey through the world of “best ice cream shops in Mogappair.

Mogappair’s ice cream scene is a testament to the diverse and vibrant culinary landscape of Chennai. Each of these ice cream shops offers a unique and memorable experience, from the indulgent sundaes at Scoop & Swirl to the authentic Italian gelato at Gelato Grove. Whether you’re craving a classic flavor, a fruity delight, or an artisanal gelato, you’ll find something to satisfy your sweet tooth in Mogappair. Go personally check the address and other details because the information from the shops might be changing time to time. Explore more about Our Chennai.

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